No bathroom is complete without a mirror. In fact, it is an essential item that has both aesthetic as well as functional uses. It provides a sense of completeness to your bathroom and allows the bathroom user to properly apply makeup, combing hair, washing face, and so many other things. These days, a bathroom mirror is also used to adjust bathroom lighting and creates an illusion of more space.

So, when your bathroom is almost finished and you have installed fittings, bathroom vanities, cabinets, and shower enclosure, the final touch is to add accessories and the mirror. Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom is essential.

Now, how to decide which mirror is right for your bathroom? Here are a few tips on how to choose the right one from the our large collection of bathroom mirror for sale.

1. The Size

The dimensions of a bathroom mirror are subjective and can differ from the proportions of the room or cabinet. The latest trends even suggest using asymmetric, extra-large, or multiple mirrors. An extra-large mirror is generally used when you need to create the illusion of a bigger room. This implies that a small bathroom doesn’t need to have a small mirror.

2. The Shape

The shape of a mirror could be anything these days. They can be rectangular, square, round, oval, hexagonal, pentagonal, and even irregular in shape. The shape of a mirror can be influenced by the bathroom vanity or can be completely different or opposite. It could be the element that breaks the norms. However, if you want to keep things simple, a rectangular bathroom mirror is the ideal choice.

3. The Lighting Effect

The lighting effect is an important element of décor that must not be ignored but is often overlooked. The lighting issue is often highlighted when the light in the room seems too dim or is not properly planned. Thus, many interior designers often suggest having bathroom mirror lamps in this case. These lamps can either be integrated into the mirror or placed to one side, above, on the wall (as spotlight), or suspended from the ceiling so that the bathroom user can properly see them in the mirror. Try to make lighting conditions around the mirror as natural as possible to not only make your daily routine present but also to see the right shade of makeup in the mirror.

4. The Frame

Modern bathroom mirrors are essentially décor items while serving their functional purpose. While many people choose to have a large or colored frame or particular finish, a lot of people like to install a mirror without frame in their bathroom. It makes things simple without overdoing it and also helps reduce the cost of the fancy frame in the overall mirror.

So, which type of mirror would like to install in your bathroom? If you are minimalist and like to not go overboard with your bathroom mirror solution, just browse simple, rectangular, and frameless bathroom mirrors for sale and save your money and time both. However, if you like a unique and fancy mirror, make sure that you scroll through a large number of mirror collections to end up with the one you want.