It is hard to imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Mirror is an integral décor item for both functional and aesthetic purposes. It helps provide our reflection and a sensation of space, and is essential for applying make-up, combing your hair, or washing your face.

Once the idea of selecting the bathroom mirror begins to form, it can bring about a few questions and concerns over making the right decision. Choosing a bathroom mirror can be a fun challenge.

A bathroom mirror completes the décor project, enlarges the room, and illuminates the vanity. Let's take a look at the right way of choosing a bathroom mirror.

The Size

Size is probably the most essential factor to consider for your bathroom mirror. If the mirror is not the right size, it can ruin the entire appearance of the bathroom.

In order to create a balanced look, think about the mirror size relative to that of your vanity. The most common approach is to choose a mirror with the same width as the vanity. This is much easier with a custom-size mirror because you may not get pre-made bathroom mirrors for sale in the exact width of your vanity.

If the mirror is not the same width as the vanity, choose a mirror about 80% as wide as the vanity, so the mirror appears a bit smaller and not shrunken.

With respect to height, a mirror should reach about a foot above and below your eye line. However, keep in mind that more height can provide you more viewing angles and a more open look to space.

The Shape

Besides square and round mirror, rectangular ones are very much in fashion nowadays. The mirror shape is often influenced by vanity. You can also choose the opposite, making the bathroom mirror the element that breaks with traditional style.


Today, frameless mirrors have become a more popular choice than the framed ones. That’s because frameless mirrors are less expensive and are more stylish. Frameless mirrors can also work easily in contemporary, modern, or minimalist spaces.

Single or Multiple Mirrors

If you have a wide vanity (with multiple sinks), you can opt for multiple mirrors or one single mirror wide enough to serve both. Using a single large mirror opens up space by reflecting more of the opposite walls. Ultimately the choice comes down to your personal preference.


You may realize the importance of lighting in your bathroom when the light is dim. If there is not much natural light in your bathroom, you can consider bathroom mirror lights. You can integrate these lights into the mirror or place them to one side or above, on the wall.

When it comes to choosing bathroom mirrors, you have a wide variety of options. Although there are some standard guidelines to support the design, there is no right and wrong way to select a bathroom mirror. Remember, a perfect bathroom mirror will allow you to view different angles of your entire bathroom.