Generally, people don't consider too much before investing in a toilet thinking it's like other bathroom items. But, the fact is that buying a toilet needs special consideration, especially in the present condition because there are multiple options available.

To make the toilet-buying process easy, we have listed the important factors in this post.

The measurement of your current rough-in

To begin with, it's important to determine the measurements of your current rough-in. This refers to the distance between your bathroom wall and the center of your toilet's flange bolts. The most common rough-in measurement is 12 inches, but 10- and 14-inch models are also available. It's generally more convenient to select a toilet with the same rough-in as your current one unless you're already planning on significant renovations.

The fit of the toilet

Although the elongated toilet bowl is generally considered the most comfortable option, other factors need consideration before making a choice. For a small bathroom or affordable option, a round toilet bowl could be a better option, as it saves space and costs less. Standard toilets measure 15 inches in height, but taller individuals might find 17- or 19-inch toilets more comfortable, even though they may be harder for shorter people and children to use. It's advisable to sit on the toilet in the showroom when shopping to ensure it's comfortable for you in the long run.

The style of the toilet

A standard two-piece toilet includes a tank attached to the bowl. There are other options as well in the market. A one-piece toilet is an alternative that has a modern appearance and is simpler to clean. Additionally, a wall-mounted toilet is another option that is even easier to clean and adds a dramatic effect to the bathroom. But, they are costlier than other toilet types.

The bidet

European-style bidets can be a unique and valuable addition to your bathroom, rather than just a traditional toilet. They offer benefits for people with mobility issues and can even increase the resale value of your home. Additionally, bidet features can often be added to standard toilets as an alternative option.

The water efficiency

If you are concerned about your environment, choose a toilet that uses less water for flushing and other purposes. Low-flush toilets have made significant progress in the last two decades, and they come with either gravity or power-assisted flush. These toilets can handle waste while consuming less water. It's worthwhile to investigate this option before making a purchase. It's a good idea to compare independent test results of the toilet's flushing performance with other models before buying.

The comfort features

When buying a toilet, comfort is one of the important factors. To enhance your experience, you can opt for comfort features such as a heated seat or a soft-closing seat that prevents the seat from slamming shut or being left up. Other options include a foot warmer, self-deodorizer, automatic flush, nightlight, or Bluetooth capabilities, as smart technology has revolutionized toilets. However, bear in mind that these additional features come at a cost and may be expensive to repair if they malfunction.

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