With the right plan in place, your bathroom can be both functional as well as stylish. Bathroom vanities can add the glam plus the drawers to serve as storage for many of your accessories. When it comes to bathroom vanities for sale, there are a lot of styles you can choose from.

However, most buyers get confused about whether to buy custom cabinets or stock vanities. Custom cabinets offer flexibility, but they come with a price. Stock vanities come in a variety of sizes and at reasonable prices. If you can't find a stock cabinet to fit your design, you can choose a custom or semi-custom cabinet.

Here’s how you can determine which one you should select:

  1. Custom Cabinets

Custom bathroom cabinets are usually made in local shops. They make the cabinet box, face frame, drawers, and doors. Some accessories depend on your agreement with your cabinet maker and can be included or excluded in pricing.

  • Made completely from scratch
  • The quality of craftsmanship depends on the shop you choose.
  • Several possibilities for design and style
  • Framework and finish are charged at different costs.
  1. Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets allow you to customize certain aspects of the cabinet. They are available in stock cabinet sizes that can be altered. Compared to fully customized cabinets, semi-customs are less expensive.

  • Can be altered in depth, height, and width
  • Made to order from mid-grade materials
  • Provides additional flexibility in terms of fitment to your specific design
  • The cost of semi-custom cabinets varies based upon the level of personalization made.
  1. Stock Bathroom Vanities

Stock bathroom vanities are available in various width ranges. Stock vanities may look standard but you can find a wide assortment of unique stock vanities online. It is hard for local hardware stores to stock all of their vanities because they take up too much floor space.

  • As stock vanities are produced in mass quantities, they offer the best prices.
  • Most models are available in several different sizes, including single sink, double sink, and alternate finish options.
  • They come in a wide range of styles, including wall-mounted floating vanities, transitional, and furniture style vanities.
  • You can order them with or without tops.
  • Stock vanities are made from a variety of materials. Thus, pricing depends on whether the countertop is included or it comes pre-assembled.

In most scenarios, your stock vanity will work within the framework of your bathroom layout. Quite often, custom bathroom cabinets are designed after establish design becomes popular. Keep in mind to review the sizing option of stock vanities before assuming you need a custom cabinet.

Stock Bathroom vanities for sale can offer you modern, classic, and a lot more when it comes to vanities. You just have to browse through a huge collection of vanities that can fit your household needs. Get in touch with an expert, and they will help you choose your needs and suggest other things that you don't know you require until you miss it. This way, you will not spend time and money on the wrong vanity.