Every modern bathroom is incomplete without a bath tub. Whether the space is small or large, bath tub is a must to introduce a luxurious atmosphere. A bath tub changes the look of the bathroom and gives a SPA-like feeling.

With so many options in the market, it’s always very difficult for homeowners to choose the right bath tub. They get confused with the shape, size, weight, materials, etc. And thus, they end up buying the wrong product.

To choose one of the best bath tubs, you should get the answers to the following questions. It will help you shortlist amongst so many options.

What are the popular types of bath tubs?

Rectangular Bathtub- Easy to arrange and install, the rectangular bath tubs are primarily used for small bathrooms. You will have diversity in terms of depth and water consumption. The dimension of rectangular bath tubs starts at 140cm in length and 70cm or 75 cm in width. For utmost comfort, you should pay attention to the length of the bottom inside the bath tub.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical bath tubs- These bath tubs are space-saving because they are installed in the corner of the bathroom. Symmetrical bath tubs are rounded and the construction is perfect for a corner setting. The sides of symmetrical bathtubs start from 135 cm long and the dimension of asymmetrical bath tubs starts from 80cmx140cm.

Freestanding bath tubs- Both for Scandinavian and glamorous bathrooms, a freestanding bath tub is an ideal choice. Usually, it is installed in exclusive bathing salons and standard apartment bathrooms. The freestanding bath tubs are comfortable and highly functional.

What should be the ideal weight of bath tub for my bathroom?

Typically, plastic bath tubs weigh 50 pounds or less and cast-iron bath tubs weigh 1000 pounds or more. If you are concerned about the material, you will have to compromise with these weights. If not, then you should determine how much weight your floor will handle. Sometimes, the cast-iron bath tubs are not feasible for all bathroom types.

When determining the weight, you should add up tub weight, the weight of water, and people if possible. The right weight of the bath tub will ensure proper support from the floor.

Will the size of the bath tub affect my monthly expense?

Yes,the size of the bath tub will affect your monthly expense. A bath tub will usually hold 25-150 gallons of water, which is more than what is needed for a typical bath. To cover this water quantity, your water heater should be large enough. Also, the water heater has to work continuously for long hours. It means both power and water consumption will increase and affect your monthly expense. So, you should choose bath tub size wisely.

Are bath tubs comfortable for all?

Yes, the bath tubs are comfortable for all. All you have to do is try the size before buying. You should climb in, settle back, and imagine yourself soaking. In case you are placing an order online, you should check the size after delivery and before installation. If you think the bath tub is fit and comfortable, you should purchase it.

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