A bathroom is the most personal space in our homes. Yet, a significant number of homeowners pay least attention to their bathrooms. As apartment size is getting smaller in today’s time due to high costs, we often tend to compromise with how our bathroom is organized and how it looks. In such a scenario, you might even think if designing a double vanity bathroom is worth it.

White High Gloss Cabinet


According to interior experts, if you’ve got enough space and need to save your time when doing bathroom rituals, it is definitely a good idea to think about upgrading to a double vanity bathroom.

Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect double vanity bathroom:

Choose a White Theme

Paint your bathroom walls with white color, especially if your bathroom space is limited and there won’t be much space left after installing a double bathroom vanity. You can also choose other colors, but try to stick with lighter tones, such as off white, beige, eggshell, ivory, Navajo white, or vanilla.

Install Double Mirrors

Double mirrors have always been known to give the illusion of more space. So, you can leverage this opportunity to your advantage. Lighter paint tones and double mirrors will make your bathroom look more spacious and also reflect the light beautifully.

Marble Flooring

The white color scheme when combined with marble flooring is excellent for small bathrooms and make the interior more appealing to the eye instead of making you feel overwhelmed.

Choose the Right Double Vanity

A modern double vanity bathroom is both functional and stylish with contemporary appeal at the same time. To make your bathroom more interesting and charismatic, it is best to choose a double vanity in contrasting combination. For instance, you can choose a wall-mounted or freestanding double bathroom vanity in maple grey, walnut, or grey brown color.

Here are some great options that you can consider when buying a double vanity for your white-themed bathroom.

Having a modern bathroom vanity with double sink like these will not only increase storage area and elevate the functionality of your space but will also lend a clean, luxurious, and clutter-free look.

If you can’t make enough space for a double vanity in your bathroom, there are always amazing single vanity options available. Just choose the one that fits your bathroom space the best.

Install a Bathtub

With the help of a bathroom designer, you can save enough space for a bathtub. For bathrooms with limited space, there are small bathtubs available as well. Even with a small bathtub, you can rest assured that you can easily fit into it while taking a bath, unless you and your families have normal body built. A 60” acrylic skirted bathtub will be perfect to make your small bathroom an oasis. 

Bring Life to Your Bathroom

The best way to make your bathroom lively and soothing is to place one or more pots of ornamental plants. Plants breathe life to any space and will do the same to your bathroom as well.

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