Today, in many contemporary bathrooms, you will find wall-mounted vanity rather than freestanding vanity. Now, you may be wondering whether wall-mounted vanity is right for your next project or not.

Bathroom vanities are probably the most crucial unit in the bathroom. It is an item that you have exclusive control over. Although the vanity size depends on your bathroom size, the decision to select traditional floor-mount vanity or a wall-hung unit is more about functionality and style.

What is a Wall-Mounted Vanity?

Rather than standing on the floor, a wall-mounted vanity is attached directly to the wall. The unit comes in different sizes, including with either one or two sinks. You can also attach them at the height of your preference.

Why Millennials Prefer Wall-Mounted Vanity in their Bathroom:

  1. Stylish and In-Trend

If you are looking for a clean, crisp line in your bathroom, a wall-mounted vanity is the best choice. The vanity's sleek design goes in perfectly with modern-day décor schemes. It makes the wall-mounted vanity a more fashionable and stylish choice.

  1. Show Off the Tiles

With wall-mounted vanity, you get space underneath the unit. It means you can see the tiles of your bathroom. Many people appreciate this since tiles are one of the expensive aspects of the bathroom design.

The amount of tiling you want to expose depends upon you. As you can attach wall-mounted vanity at different heights, it makes your bathroom more practical.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Since these units have space underneath, it is easy to clean the flooring of your bathroom. You need to broom or mop across the floor, and you are done. Moreover, there will be less space for grime to get trapped, ensuring that your bathroom vanity is maintained for years.

  1. Offer More Bathroom Space

Space is a crucial factor in today’s metropolitan cities, where most young people live. In a smaller bathroom, the fitting you select is essential to create the illusion of more space. A wall-mounted vanity works perfectly for this purpose. As it doesn't have legs, a wall-mounted vanity creates a continuous floor space, making the bathroom appear bigger.

When using a bathroom mirror, you would want to stand as close to the mirror as possible. A wall-mounted vanity is perfect for this, as you can place your feet underneath it, getting close to the mirror without stubbing your toes on your vanity.

  1. Innovative Storage Space

With the hype of tiny houses in recent years, people prefer small, practical rooms and smart storage space. A wall-mounted not just offers storage space inside, but it is also handy for storing flat bathroom essentials that won't break by being stored on the floor.

Floor-standing bathroom vanities are still available, and some people still prefer them. But, because wall-mounted bathroom vanities are more practical and offer a sleek, modern look, millennials prefer it over freestanding vanities.