A bathroom mirror doesn’t judge you, no matter what you say or do in front, because you are all alone in the bathroom. But, still, you overlook it when constructing or remodeling your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors can completely transform the space. This one piece of decor can change your bathroom from outdated to a fresh and unique space. 

As a bathroom mirror is an important decor, you should choose it wisely. One of the factors that impact the choice is the size of the bathroom. You shouldn’t choose a small mirror for a big bathroom or vice versa. Neither the mirror nor the bathroom will look good. 

In this post, we will discuss tips to install the right kind of mirror in a big bathroom. 

  • If the bathroom space is large and wide, you can think about installing more than one mirror. This is also a good option if you have a wide vanity, like a double vanity. Two or mirrors give a unique look to your big bathroom and the space gets properly covered. But, if you are installing more than one mirror, don’t forget the lighting. There should be proper lighting in every bathroom mirror. 
  • You don't need to install a large mirror for your big bathroom. Large mirrors are recommended for small bathrooms to give a spacious illusion. With large mirrors, the small bathroom looks big and better. You should decide based on the wall size you are planning to hang the mirror.
  • Decide the width of the mirror for your big bathroom based on the width of the vanity. This is a hassle-free approach, offering complete symmetry. You should pick a bathroom mirror that is about 70-80% as wide as the vanity to avoid the “boxy” effect. 
  • For the shape of the bathroom mirror, you should consider the ambiance and aesthetic of your bathroom, particularly the wall finish. The common bathroom mirror shapes are round/circular, square/rectangular, irregular, and geometric shapes. 
  • If you have an interesting wallpaper or wish to show off your bathroom tiles, go for a round/circular bathroom mirror because it leaves more negative space at the corners.
  • If you want a classic look for your big, modern bathroom, go for a square/rectangular bathroom mirror. This mirror is more functional. 
  • If you wish to add visual interest and decorative element to your big bathroom, go for an irregular bathroom mirror. 
  • Between framed and frameless bathroom mirrors, the choice depends on your preference. A frameless bathroom mirror is a versatile option as it is easy to style in any space and goes well with any aesthetic. On the other hand, a framed mirror adds a decorative or polished touch. 

Where can I find the best mirror for your big bathroom?

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