As we are getting closer to 2023, more homeowners are looking to amp up the décor of their homes. While many are remodeling their bathrooms, a significant number of people are looking for quick fixes to update their bathing oasis. What could be a better way to add instant appeal to your bathroom than replacing your old faucets?

If you are excited to beautify your bathing space by replacing old bathroom fixtures, you might be wondering which finish your new bathroom faucets should have.

To help you narrow down your choice, here are the five most popular bathroom faucet finishes that you will find trending in 2023 and beyond.

#1 Matte Black

matteblack bathroom faucets

The first most sought-after bathroom faucet finish is matte black. This finish makes your faucets stand out. More people are switching to matteblack bathroom faucets than ever to add a distinct personality to their bathing space. Besides, adding black fixtures in any room is nearly always a great idea. It helps you make a strong statement, and it also complements almost every style.

#2 Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel finish faucets

The second most in-demand faucet finish for bathrooms is brushed nickel. It has been and will continue to be a popular finish for bathroom faucets in 2023. Brushed nickel finish can easily add a touch of refinement to contemporary homes. Brushed nickel finish faucets are popular not only for bathrooms but also for kitchens as they seem to be so subtle with stainless steel kitchen sinks. They can easily blend in any home décor stylewhile adding a visual appeal.

#3 Rose Gold

Faucets with a rose gold finish

Rose Gold is not far behind in terms of popularity when compared to nickel and matte black finishes. Faucetswith a rose gold finish will breathe life into any bathroom décor but will look more stunning when paired with black orwhitebathroom vanities. Be sure to make up your mind about this finish quickly because this royal finish doesn’t stay on the shelf or in stock for long due to limited availability and higher demand.

#4Brushed Gold

brushed gold finish faucets

Brushed Gold Finish has again been revived and is becoming the first choice of so many homeowners due to its classic appeal. Modern brushed gold finish faucets are a refined and classy take on the old gold finish faucets. These faucets are the perfect addition to any bathroom when chosen wisely as per décor. For instance, pairing brushed gold finish faucets with navy blue bathroom vanities is the best way to make your bathroom even more charming.

#5 Chrome Finish

chrome finish faucets

Though chrome finish has been in trend for years, it continues to be the choice of a large number of homeowners as chrome finish faucets tend to be relatively less expensive than its counterparts. Besides, like brushed nickel, chrome finish can easily blend in every décor and never look out of place. It is durable and affordable and doesn’t require sacrificing the modern touch you need for your bathroom.

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