Bathroom design is about turning functional into fabulous. And let’s face it, bathroom vanities are one of the most essential, functional pieces of the room. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look beautiful too. When choosing your bathroom vanity, you need to consider the available space and your existing plumbing works.

Often people come to us looking for a new, stylish bathroom vanity and simply want something the same size as their existing one or ‘something smaller because it takes up too much space.’ If this is how you feel when you look at your existing bathroom vanity, think about how the space it takes up is utilized. In many cases, it’s not that the vanity is too big, but that it doesn’t offer any storage. If this is the case, then a new vanity of a similar size, or maybe even bigger, could be the answer to your storage solutions and actually make the bathroom feel more spacious as well as giving you somewhere to store those unsightly essentials such as cleaning products.

A bathroom vanity is generally centered around the sink and faucets so it’s important to make plumbing a key part of your thought process when it comes to replacing it. Of course, the easiest and cheapest option is to place your new vanity in the same spot and simply have it plumbed in to the existing pipework. But a bathroom renovation is not something you do every year so if you have grand plans to move things about and you’re seeking advice on bathroom vanities in Miami, come and see us in store to chat about the practicalities of your dream design and whether it’s affordable.

At Bath Trends we pride ourselves on our staff being knowledgeable and approachable, and they’ll be only too happy to discuss all aspects of your design ideas and then show you some of the great products we stock that will match your plans. We have a huge range of bathroom vanities to suit all design choices and any size of bathroom. From single cabinets to double sink wall mounted units, we’ve got you covered.

Your bathroom is, of course, at its heart a functional room. But it’s also the place you go to unwind and relax. A long soak in the bath is a great way to shake off the rigours of the day and to just relax. It’s a little bit of you-time in the midst of a busy world and is a moment to just be. It should be a luxury experience. And that includes your surroundings. Relaxing into a bathtub surrounded by cluttered products and out of date bathroom furniture is a million miles away from the peace and tranquillity of a stylish modern bathroom where you can soak yourself in elegance and luxury. So, if you’re looking at your bathroom and thinking it could do with a refresh or a complete refit, get in touch and let’s add a touch of luxury to your home.

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