Bathroom vanities are often statement pieces that add to the luxury of any bathroom. Even if you have designed and decorated your bathroom beautifully and its vanities are not matching with its theme properly, then you cannot call it a rejuvenating space. Vanities that look out of space often create a distraction that doesn’t let you feel as relaxed and refreshed as you should be. Thus, doing some homework before investing in modern bathroom vanities becomes crucial.

Regardless of whether you are planning to get customized or ready-made modern bathroom vanities, these types of stylish bathroom vanities will certainly infuse a charm that can be felt by the user instantly.

1. Floating Vanities

Choose floating vanities when your goal is to make the bathroom appear larger and airy than it originally is. There are several other benefits of installing floating bathroom vanities. Since they are wall-mounted, they allow you to easily clean under them. Besides, for more delightful and glowing effect, you can easily add LED light strips to the underside.

2. Shelf Vanities

When you don’t have much to store, shelf vanities make a great choice. They are great at keeping your bathroom look more spacious and breathable. They look cool and amazing at the same time. Especially if you are by nature a minimalist, your idea of rejuvenation and opulence might resonate more with shelf vanities. To store your towels, you can choose to add a bottom shelf.

3. Double-Basin Vanities

To make your vanities more utilitarian, choose the ones that come with a couple of washbasins. When going for this option, a simple linear design would look elegant without making the space overwhelmed. You can even position the two sinks in the desired spots, and use the bottom part of the vanity as a counter or storage cabin. In that case, the surface to which basins are attached is usually separate from the lower vanity surface for easy movement.

4. Vanity with in-built basin

This type of vanity set contains a washbasin that is in line with the vanity surface; meaning the washbasin doesn’t appear above the vanity but at the same level as the vanity top surface. This particular design features the sink in perfect continuation of the vanity because the basin is considered as a part of the vanity itself. This type of vanity set looks appealing, opulent, and sleek at the same time.

Bonus Advice

You can also make choices based on the type of vanity material and its color. It is always interesting and fun to explore the intricate features of the materials. However, modern bathroom vanities made from wood imparts a warm feel to the bathroom ambiance and provides a really nice texture and color that you can further accentuate with vanity lights or a contrasting theme. Just make sure that the wood is properly protected through polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer so that it is less vulnerable to bathroom moisture and lasts longer.

Remember to upgrade your bathroom design with a modern vanity that looks elegant and also offers great functionality while not stealing significant space of the bathroom.