A bathroom is not just a place where you take showers. It could be an oasis where you can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate your body and mind. And modern bathroom vanities can play a great role in creating that oasis. In this post, we will talk about three of the popular trends prevailing for vanities and that might help you select your bathroom vanity that not only suits your taste and space but also looks trendy and stylish.

  1. White, Black and Gray are the Most Popular Color Choices.

Since designing a beautiful bathroom is also about setting elements that infuse tranquility in the aura, your vanity color choice should reflect the same. White, black, and gray – all these colors stay true to their character and provide elegance to any bathroom without making it look too extravagant. Since they are neutral, bathroom vanities in these colors go with almost every bathroom style and wall painting. Plus, they make your bathroom look more spacious and brighter than it is in reality.

If you are choosing black vanity, it would be nice to have a light white counter top. What’s more, these colors stand the test of time and never go out of fashion. Even if you decide to repaint your walls later, they will, most likely, go with the new painted wall. However, vanities in other colors might be more challenging.

Also keep it in mind that cooler tones, such as grays and silvers look more elegant than warmer shades, such as beiges, taupes, and gold. Lastly, choose your bathroom vanity color in a way that it will also perfectly go with hardware, lighting, and mirrors.

  1. Bathroom Vanities with Open Shelving

In terms of style and space, a lot has been changed. While people in older times prefer to lock everything inside cupboards, modern people are showing more love for open shelving. Bathroom vanities with open shelving make your bathing space look more opulent and spa-like. When bathroom essentials are right in front of the eyes, it feels more inviting and user-friendly. Besides, this look resembles the popular farmhouse style.

However, not everything needs to be on the display. Thus, it would be better if you invest in bathroom vanities with an open shelf at the bottom. It will help you prioritize how you want to organize your bathroom daily-use items.

  1. Vessel Sinks and Floating Vanities

Both vessel sinks and floating vanities look amazing and stylish at the same time. They come with more functionality and usability than their counterparts. They can give your bathroom a distinct yet luxurious appearance. Most often, you will see stone vessel sinks and unexpected objects paired together. However, they are more popular for powder rooms than full-size bathrooms but still, you can go with them if they are matching your bathroom theme and style.

While floating vanities are popular in restaurants, they are starting to trend in residential spaces too. Their height can be adjusted and they can provide you with more space. This will be a plus point if you have a small bathroom.

Don’t hesitate to browse a large collection of modern bathroom vanities to see what best suits your bathroom and make your bathroom look more open, airy, sleek, and inviting.