Plumbing repairs can quickly add to your expenses and reduce your savings. What if we tell you that you can eliminate some expensive plumbing repairs with a few tricks? Sounds amazing!! Right? If you are a homeowner, it surely does. Today, we will talk about three plumbing parts that are cost-effective to install and can help you bypass many costly repairs in your kitchen and bathroom. So, without any delay, let’s check them out.

Drain Stoppers

You should install lavatory pop-up stoppers in your bathroom and kitchen washbasin and sinks (and bathtub as well). Why? They help protect drains from unwanted debris and allow them to flow freely. You can install them easily, or you can call a plumber for a quick-fix.

Do you notice that your sink is not draining properly? Do you find water sitting on the basin even after half an hour of washing hands? Or, are you trying to fill your basin but all the water drains quickly even after pulling up the intended rod? If yes, it’s time to fix or replace your old drain stopper with a new one.

Installing drain stoppers allows you to minimize your plumbing problems as they prevent drains from getting clogged from hair, oils, dirt, soap scum, and other waste materials.

Wastewater Trap Drain Kits

You are well aware of the fact that wastewater from your sinks, shower, basins, and toilets goes into a messy and foul wastewater drainage system. Apart from the foul smell, there might also be little creatures in the drainage system that can wreak havoc in your home.

If you want to protect your home against bad smelling gas, small insects, and bacteria, then you need a wastewater trap drain kit. Every sink, urinal, and washbasin requires a wastewater trap at the point where it is connected to the wastewater pipeline. This trap acts as a water seal between these systems and the external drains or outside atmosphere.

The most common types of wastewater traps include bottle traps, P-traps, and S-traps.

Shower Drain with Hair Strainer

Calling a plumber each time to remove trapped hair in the shower drain is a costly affair and also inconvenient. The best solution to get rid of this problem is to install a shower drain with hair strainer. It will prevent hair from clogging the drain while allowing the shower water to flow freely.

When searching for a shower drain with hair strainer, you might come across two types of hair strainer, namely, shower drain screen and in-drain hair catcher.

While a shower drain screen captures hair and other debris before it slips in the drain, an in-drain hair catcher grabs the hair as soon as it enters the drain. When they get full, just take them out, remove hairs, and again install them in their place.

An average woman loses around 50 to 100 hairs during every hair wash. Unclogging the drain on your own is pretty gross. So, without any delay, install a functional yet attractive shower drain with a hair strainer in your bathroom.

Everyone will benefit from these small yet functional plumbing parts. If you don’t have installed them yet in your home or they have reached their end-of-life stage, order these three parts as early as possible.