The bathroom is one such place in our home where we can relax and have peace of mind. They offer a much-needed opportunity to relax and indulge in a refreshing bath. However, when renovating your relaxing place or building a new one, the vanities are the most crucial components, which often most people tend to ignore.

The bathroom vanities can significantly alter the appearance and texture of your bathroom. That is why you should carefully consider the bathroom vanities with sinks.

It is essential that you consider the following points when in the market looking for bathroom vanities:

  1. Define Style Statement

Consider the style statement when renovating your bathroom or building a new one. It will help bathroom mix-up with the rest of your home. Therefore, when looking for vanities, you must ensure that they are in tune with the theme and color scheme you had thought of for your bathroom. In addition, you must ensure that vanity defines your style statement.

  1. The Finish and Color Support the Theme

Make sure you choose the vanity that is of high-quality in terms of finish. You must also ensure that the color and theme of the vanities match the look and feel of your bathroom.

  1. The Size of the Vanity

It is essential to take the vanity size into account. Consider the size and the dimension of your bathroom, and make sure that the vanity you opt for fits in your bathroom perfectly.

  1. The Price of the Vanity

Because bathroom vanities come in different sizes, shapes, quality, look and feel, their price also change accordingly. Thus, before choosing the right supplies for your bathroom, set your budget right.

Bathroom Sink Cabinets

No bathroom vanity is complete without a sink. For the sink, stone/acrylic is the most commonly used material, ranging from $180 - $500, depending on the shape and size.

Style of Sinks

  • Vessel

Vessel sinks are one of the easiest to install. It doesn’t need a countertop cut out; instead, it needs a small hole to accommodate the sink drain. Vessel sinks sit upon the counter and offer more storage space beneath. However, they are less stable.

  • Wall Mount

Wall mount sinks usually have a basin mounted on the bathroom wall. The placement of the mount will depend on where you want to place. When considering wall mount sinks, choose lighter options as heavy wall mount sinks may not remain stable for a long time.

  • Pedestal

The pedestal is the stand of the sink. Sinks with pedestals come as a single unit or as a unit with a detachable basin and pedestal. This type of sink offers gorgeous, modern themes.

Pedestal sinks are the preferred option for powder rooms and guest bathrooms where space is limited. Thanks to their sleekness, they create an illusion of a larger space.

The Bottom Line

Buying the right bathroom vanities with sinks begins with understanding your needs. If you have a clear goal in mind, you will be able to choose the right sink that will function properly and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.