Practically, the frameless mirrors serve the best no matter where they are placed. They enhance the look of the space and fulfill the purpose for which they are installed. But, sometimes, the frameless mirrors don’t look good with the interior design of the room or they don’t add much to the room's decor. In simple terms, the frameless mirrors don’t gel with the overall look of the room. Sometimes, they spoil the impression of the room before others. 

Due to these reasons, many people think of replacing the frameless mirrors with the framed mirrors. They get ready to invest so that they can get the best look for their rooms. But, if there is a budget restriction, people are unable to replace the frameless mirrors with framed mirrors. Often, such people stay satisfied with what they have and try to adjust other pieces of decor in the rooms. 

One of the best solutions to this problem is framing a frameless mirror. You don’t have to pay for the replacement mirror, saving huge bucks in your pocket. People think it’s not possible, but, actually, it’s possible without any complications. You just have to follow a few steps for the same. 

Step 1: You should measure the edges of the mirror and buy pieces of trim molding that are slightly longer than your measurement. If you get the exact-sized trim, there will be no scope to cut and fit it on the sides of the frameless mirror. The trim will become smaller than the edges of the mirror. You should choose the trim as per your preference. 

Step 2: You should cut the molding, matching the sides of the mirror. Make sure the molding is the longest on the outer edge of the molding. Also, most importantly, the angles of the molding should be cut from the outer edge with the angle inward to the inside edge. Next, you should lay the pieces and see if the edges are matching to the shape of your mirror. 

Step 3: You should sand both sides of the wood using fine-grit sandpaper or any other tool. If you find more sand and it’s not looking good, you should wipe it away using a cloth. Everything should be clean before you move to the next step of framing a frameless mirror. 

Step 4: You should paint or stain the molding in the color of your choice or that complements your room’s decor. Don’t forget to paint both sides because the mirror reflects the back side of the molding. You should leave the wood to dry and give a second coat thereafter. You should leave it to dry as well. It’s said that glossy trim paint is a better option because it is easy to clean and maintain for a long time. 

Step 5: To seal the molding, you should use an epoxy sealer or clear silicone caulk. If you are using a fast-setting epoxy sealer, you should mix its two parts. After mixing, you should apply the sealer to the back of the molding. You should apply the sealer in the wave-like pattern so that it can spread easily without using too much. 

Step 6: Now it’s time to place the trim against the mirror. You should press the trim in such a way that it should overlap the edge slightly to hide it. With the use of painter’s tape, you should put the trim in place. Similarly, you should place the other pieces. The placement should be in line to create even seams. After fixing all the trims, you should wipe the visible sealer using a damp cloth. 

Step 7: Last, you should leave the sealer to dry. Minimum of 24 hours is needed for proper drying of the sealer. If necessary, you should paint the corners and give a final touch. 

Framing a frameless mirror is not as easy as it seems. So, you should seek help from professionals.