The right-sized bathroom vanity easily blends with your bathroom interior and uplifts the aura and its appeal. Not only does it provide you with sufficient storage for accessories and other products, but it also helps you set the right tone for the new design of your bathing space. Understandably, it is not easy to find out what vanity size is perfect for your bathroom. This bathroom vanity buying guide will uncover all the important points that will make your shopping experience in Fort Lauderdale smooth and more fun.

What is your bathroom layout?

Evaluating the layout of your bathroom will help you determine the vanity size that can easily fit into your bathroom. Placing a large bathroom vanity in a small bathroom can make it look even smaller and crowded. On the other hand, a small vanity in a large master bathroom may seem to undermine the usefulness, functionality, and appeal of your bathing space.

So, find out the non-negotiable items and areas in your bathroom. Ask yourself whether you want more storage or more counter space. Do you like having the floor space free or not mind having it occupied by your vanity?  

If storage is your top priority, get a bathroom vanity with several drawers and ample storage space. If you want your floor space to be free along with more storage, look for wall-hung (or floating) vanities with ample cabinet and drawer space.

What is the size of your bathroom?

Before shopping for a new bathroom vanity, it is better to measure the size of your bathroom and the area where you want to install your new vanity. If you are replacing an old vanity, measure its size and then use it to better compare. When taking measurements, you need to measure not just the width but also the depth and height.

Standard widths of modern bathroom vanities that you can easily find online are 24, 31, 36, 39, 48, 56, 60, 63, 69, 76, and 83 inches; however, you may also find some in-between sizes online. The standard depth and height of the vanity from front to back and top to bottom start from 18 inches and go up higher based on the type and design of the vanity.

In case you are planning to buy vessel sink vanity, you need to consider the additional height as well because vessel sinks add a few inches to the overall height of the vanity.

How is the vanity going to be used?

Another factor that plays a critical role in determining the right size of bathroom vanity is the purpose of vanity - how will the vanity be used? If you are remodeling a master bathroom that you need to share with your spouse or siblings, a double-sink vanity might be the best option. The size of double-sink vanity usually varies between 60 inches and 83 inches. If you are upgrading or renovating your guest bath, you most likely want to install a single-sink vanity that typically ranges from 24 inches to 60 inches.

If your bathroom is large and you simply want a single-sink vanity with more counter space, then focus more on single-sink vanities that are larger in sizes such as 39 inches, 48 inches, and 56 inches wall-hung modern bathroom vanities.

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