Finally, you are ready to remodel your bathroom and thinking about transforming your shower enclosure. In this guide, we will discuss common questions that you might have in your mind about shower enclosures before upgrading your bathroom. So, read till the end to find answers to the questions you might have in your mind.

Is it okay to put tile over fiberglass shower?

No. Experts don’t recommend using tiles over fiberglass showers. Even though tiles need a smooth and even surface, fiberglass is not the right type of material to put tiles on. Tiles don’t adhere to fiberglass surfaces properly.

In case you can’t resist installing tiles over your fiberglass shower, remember that there is an inevitable risk that your tiles will loosen over time and break off the shower.

Besides, once your tiles loosen, water starts settling beneath them and you are going to face the issues of mold and mildew due to excessive moisture buildup.

Then, Can I Paint My Fiberglass Shower Enclosure?

Yes. If you already have a fiberglass shower enclosure and want to transform its look within budget, you can choose to paint over your fiberglass shower enclosure. You can buy epoxy paints as they adhere firmly to the fiberglass and will not chip or fade easily.

If you also want to replace the shower set and other accessories such as shower heads, shower drains, and shower doors, hire a professional to make sure that their installation is done correctly.

Paint the fiberglass enclosure later so that installation of a shower set and shower accessories doesn’t damage the paint during the process. And, don’t forget to cover all the accessories before painting to avoid any paint marks.

Can I use a shower enclosure over tiles?

Yes. If there are already tiles in place, you can install wall panels over tiles when replacing your shower and the glass panel. Just make sure that, when you replace the tiles in your shower room, you should not fit panels behind the enclosure as it can lead to issues with the walls.

How can I install a tiled shower enclosure?

The installation of tiled shower enclosures is simple. Here are the steps that you need to follow to install a tiled shower enclosure.

  1. Make sure that the shower tray is leveled.

Use a spirit level for your shower tray if it is already not level to the shower wall. You need to make sure that the base of your shower is straight.

  1. Install tiles on the top of the shower tray.

While you may have seen tiling behind the shower walls, you should tile on top of the tray. You can save your time by tiling and plastering at the same time.

Be careful while putting the bottom rows of tiles in place. Start from the trim and cutting into the corner space and use tile spacers to maintain equal space between tiles for grout needs.

  1. Apply sanitary sealant around tile joints.

To ensure that no water can escape the tiles, you should apply a sanitary sealant to the bathroom shower wall area. It is essential to apply sealant to avoid any water damage.

  1. Fit your shower enclosure to the tiles.

Once all the tiles are installed and have completely dried, you can fit the shower enclosure in its place. No matter if you have shower wall panels or a folding option, you need to make sure that aligning and the placement are right.   

If you are not feeling confident about the installation process of a tiled shower enclosure, prefer to seek the help of a professional.

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