If your current bathroom toilet is causing you trouble and you are spending on its repair more frequently, it’s time to replace it with a new toilet. But choosing a new toilet is not the easiest thing to do. You need to consider not only its cost but a lot more. Today, we are going to discuss some important factors that will help you buy the best toilets online.

How to Choose the Best Toilet for My Home

A good toilet conserves water, generates enough water pressure to clean the bowl in a single flush, doesn’t compromise with water, and complements your bathroom well. Low-flow toilets have been in the market for more than 25 years; however, the first generation of low-flow toilets wasn’t as successful as modern low-flow toilets are.

With old low-flow toilets, users had to flush twice which neutralized the purpose of saving water. However, modern toilet manufacturers have made fundamental changes in the basic design of toilets, such as larger trap-ways to prevent clogging and larger flush valves to generate more powerful rush of water.

So, if you still have that old low-flow toilet in your bathroom, you really need to replace it with the latest generation of the low-flow toilet from a reputable brand to save precious water and make your life a lot easier.

Apart from choosing low-flow toilets, you should also keep in mind other factors to ensure that you get only the best toilet for your home.

  1. Future Repair Costs

Custom seats and uncommon flush mechanisms might look trendy and cool. But you should choose them only if they don’t make future repairs and replacement difficult and expensive.

  1. Single vs. Dual Flush

Once you buy a toilet, you are going to use it for years to come. When you go online, you will find two varieties: single-flush and dual-flush toilets. Dual flush toilets have a .8-gpf button for liquid flushing and a 1.6-gpf button for solid flushing. While you can choose any of them, you might want to buy dual-flush, high-efficiency toilets as they use about 25 percent less water than regular toilets.

  1. Efficiency-Based Rebates

A toilet uses a large amount of water every single day. Did you know that high-efficiency toilets (HET) utilize 1.28 gallons or less water? That’s why they come with the EPA’s WaterSense label and can help you save around 4,000 gallons of water per person annually. Some utility authorities also offer rebates for installing such toilets.

  1. Ease of Cleaning

Wall-hung, one-piece toilets are much easier to clean as there are fewer nooks and crannies. However, they are more expensive than their counterparts and can be harder to install because they are heavier in weight than separate bowls and tanks. But if you really want to make your bathroom look more stylish and spacious and enjoy the ease of cleaning, then investing in a wall-mounted toilet is worth it.

How much does a new bathroom toilet cost in Miami, FL?

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