Have you decided to remodel your bathroom entirely? The selection of bathroom vanity needs to be smart for getting the desired styling. Different kinds of bathroom vanities run the gamut – from ultitarina to ornate and many more. The thing to watch is the vanity type that reflects the style. Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t mean necessarily destroying or altering the aesthetics of your current bathroom. Here you will get the best guide to selecting the kind of bathroom vanity that matches your styling.

POINT TO NOTE: The bathroom vanities look best when they match the rest of your bathroom in color, size, and style. Contact a professional bathroom remodeler to guide you with the type of style or pattern. If you have something in mind then select the type of bathroom vanity from the right source.

You may add safety features like handlebars as well as a large mirror if you simply want to update your bathroom to be more accommodating to guests. The vanities in contemporary styles often work best for guest bathrooms as they are versatile and also great in appearance.

Here are the steps to buying suitable bathroom vanities –

Measure the Space

The first important thing in the purchase of a bathroom vanity is to measure the space. Here are factors that need to be considered –

  1. There should be enough space for door openings and trim. Every space is different and so it is advisable to open vanity door & drawers.
  2. Also, include features like mirrors, electric switches, and outlets.
  3. Check the plumbing location and this could determine the width of the vanity.

Choose the Vanity Style

There are mainly 2 kinds of vanity styles – freestanding and built-in. The freestanding ones are good for small spaces and they come in many styles. Built-in is better for larger spaces and it typically offers more counter top space & storage.

You also need to decide whether to purchase a vanity with or without a top. Installing a vanity with a top is easier, but purchasing a vanity without the top allows choosing your material as there are limited versions of tops sold with the vanities.

Explore Other Options

The vanity will define your bathroom space and since they are separate from the rest of the home, one can deviate from the typical style. You can try a more modern look in your bathroom instead a traditional look.

Choose the color and finish that matches the bathroom interior and check the description of the vanity to understand its features. Decide on the size of the vanity as it will probably decide the entire outlook of the bathroom.

If you have any difficulty in selecting the right kind of bathroom vanity then get the help of experts to finalize your decision. Be 100% sure about the vanity style and type to be able to decide on the type of vanity for your bathroom. Make an informed decision and enhance the look of your bathroom with the right type of vanity.