Whether you are refinishing your existing bathroom vanity or getting a new one for your bathroom, its color matters. Sometimes, homeowners are so Focused with the size and style that they forget about the color. They try hard to get the latest vanity designs so their bathroom looks modern and different from others. But, do you know that the wrong selection of bathroom vanity color can spoil the overall look of your bathroom? Even the style of the vanity will not be impressive if the color is not right. 

Choosing a color for the bathroom vanity is very tricky. You cannot pick any color and expect that it will look good in your bathroom. You should plan, strategize and consider a few very important points to choose the right bathroom vanity color. 

bathroom vanity design

In this post, we will discuss the points to remember for the ideal selection of the bathroom vanity color. 

Choose between timeless color and fading fads 

This completely depends on your future requirements or expectation from the bathroom vanity. If you are ready to update your vanity with a new finish every few years, then you don’t have to worry much about shades that might go out of style quickly. The longevity of the color shouldn’t matter to you. But, if you don’t want any fuss in the coming years or until the next bathroom renovation, you should choose a timeless color. The timeless shades include wooden shades, black, white, gray, and beige. 

Choose shades that don’t get sun-damaged 

It’s always said that a bathroom should have space for natural sunlight and it should be properly ventilated. But, the thing is sunlight causes colors to fade over time, meaning you will have to update your bathroom vanity sooner than later. In such a scenario, you shouldn’t stop sunlight; instead, you should choose colors for your bathroom vanity that absorb the most sunlight such as red, yellow, dark blue, and green. 

Choose between monochrome and color pairings 

Monochrome means black and white or varying tones of one color. This is pretty easy to choose. You should consider the colors of other bathroom accessories or the theme of your bathroom and pick one color from it. Make sure the different tones of the same color go well with your bathroom. The complicated part is color pairings, where you have to bring two different colors together. For this, you should find a color wheel and create pairings or groups using a conventional color scheme. 

Choose an easy-to-clean color 

A bathroom vanity is prone to get dirty because it is used more than other bathroom elements. So, you should choose a color that is easy to clean or can hide dirt and grime. To overcome cleaning concerns, neither extreme light nor dark end of the spectrum is recommended. It’s because water spots and bits of toothpaste stand out on a black vanity and grime shows up on the white vanity. Regarding the finish of the bathroom vanity, you should choose glossy as it’s easy to clean. 

The color of the bathroom vanity decides its maintenance and longevity. Most importantly, the color impacts the overall look of your bathroom. So, you should choose wisely.