A commode or toilet sheet is the key component of any master bathroom, and you need to pick the one that best suits the personal convenience of every family member. Top-performing and comfortable toilets are the need of any bathroom, and you cannot compromise with the design, quality, and functionality here.

When searching for the latest modern toilets, there are several options available for all types of design and functional requirements. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functionality levels for every requirement. From a sleek one-piece design to high-tech toilets with heated seats and auto-flushing mechanisms, you can pick what you want for the level of comfort, convenience, and functionality in your master bathroom.

There are several factors to consider when picking the right to install in your bathroom. The type of toilet, size of your bathroom, level of comfort required, and budget are some of the most common considerations you need to take into your account to make the right decision.


When we talk about size, we are counting both the size of your bathroom and the size of your toilet. Taking measurements of the space available where you want to install your toilet is the first thing you should do before deciding on other factors. Toilets come in standard dimensions that are:

• Between 28 and 30 inches deep

• Between 27 inches and 32 inches high

• About 20 inches wide

Apart from these standard measurements, you can also choose the distance of the top of the toilet seat from the floor that usually is between 15-17 inches. But the most important measurement is the rough-in distance which measures the distance of the center of the toilet drain pipe from the back wall. It is a very crucial measurement depending on the available space to fit in your bathroom.

Type of toilet

When selecting the right toilet for your bathroom, there are different types of toilets available to pick from. Some of the most common toilet types include:

• One-piece toilets

• Two-piece toilets

• Wall-mounted toilets

• Bidet-toilet combos

You should pick the one on the level of elegance, design, installation, and comfort that best suits your needs and available space. Go to a catalog showcasing all designs and detailing to make the right decision.


Toilets come in a variety of looks to meet every design and style requirement as per specific detailing in a bathroom. You can pick a vintage-style two-piece toilet or a sleek and curvy modern toilet to match the theme and décor of your bathroom. There are also color options available to choose from for any specific kind of arrangement.

Additional features

Apart from type, size, design, and style options, you need to decide on additional features and functionality you want in the latest modern toilets for your bathroom. There are several things such as flushing technology, water usage, noise level, deodorizers, LED lighting, and many other features that you can choose to give your master bathroom a smart touch.

Picking the right toilet is essential to provide all the comfort and relaxation your family members want. You can go through the trendy and latest modern toilets at Bath Trends USA to pick the one that best suits your personal needs and budget. Talk to our experts for all the support and assistance you need to pick the best toilet for your bathroom.