Modern bathrooms aren’t just bathrooms; they are bathing spaces with opulence, a contemporary feel, and the eagerness of slaying long-standing traditions along with offering advanced functionality. The ultimate aim of modern bathroom designers is to transform a bathroom into an oasis where you can unwind, relax, and have utmost comfort after a long hectic day.

If the concept of novelty is on your mind, you might be very curious to get familiar with the upcoming modern bathroom trends in 2022. So, here are some great modern bathroom ideas that are going to be trendy the next year and that you can consider while upgrading your bathroom.

1. Organic Bathroom Design

You already know the organic word is quite the buzz term for a few years, and everyone seems to be talking about eating organic, wearing organic, and looking organic. In 2022, bathrooms won’t remain untouched by the concept of “organic”.

In the context of interior design, organic can mean introducing elements that are raw, earthy, and textured in feel and appearance. Besides, when looking forward to making your bathroom look organic, the key is to adhere to a subdued, airy, and light color palette, such as pale greys, whites, beiges, and creams with the occasional touch of bolder tones from the natural palette.

2. The “Wood” Theme

Another way to remain down to earth while touching the height of luxury is to follow the “wood” theme. Modern bathroom tiles that mimic the look of natural wood will be perfect to impart a warm and trendy look.

To complement your wood-theme flooring, you can install modern bathroom vanities, beautifully designed from the highest grade MDF with real wood finish, engineered for durability and moisture resistance.