Deciding the design of your sink is a style statement for your home and you. This is hardly a decision taken lightly. While you go through different bathroom sink options available in the market, the two shapes that you will come across the most are square and round.

But how can we choose one of them when they both look great? Let us try to figure out which sink is better, a square one or a round one.

Round Bathroom Sink

Round Bathroom Sink

Round bathroom sinks have been ruling the market for decades, and there are various reasons why it is so. This shape provides a lot of versatility and can go well with your bathroom, be it a modern one or a traditional one. In addition,

  1. They Save Space.

These sinks take up less counter space and, hence, are a wonderful option for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms.

  1. They Are Easy to Clean.

Due to their shape, round sinks are much easier to clean. They are smooth and curved with no corners to worry about.

  1. They Are Extremely Stylish.

Round sinks have a timeless look that can fit a wide variety of bathroom styles. They look very stylish and a bit unconventional. In addition to round, you can also go for oval-shaped bathroom sinks.

Square Bathroom Sink

Square Bathroom Sink

Square Bathroom sinks are more modern and have a sophisticated look to them. They can give your bathroom an edgy vibe and style. In addition, they come with the following advantages:

  1. They Have a Larger Surface Area.

These sinks have much more surface area and are a great choice if you need more counter space for your bathroom. They can even be used by multiple users at the same time.

  1. They Have a Contemporary Design.

Square sinks can provide you with a modern look. They can also be available in different materials like stainless steel, acrylic, or porcelain, making it easy for you to match them with your bathroom decor.

  1. They Have a Clean and Sleek Appearance.

Square sinks come with clean lines and edges and have a sleek design that adds style to any contemporary bathroom. You can never go wrong with square sinks.

Which one is the right choice?

Whether you should choose a square or a round sink will depend on the following factors of your existing home and bathroom decor:

  1. Your Bathroom Style

It will matter a lot if you have a modern bathroom or a traditional one. A square sink will be a better option for a contemporary bathroom and fit perfectly.

  1. Your Bathroom's Size

Is your bathroom small or big? A round sink will be better if you need to save space, but a large bathroom can fit a square sink very well.

  1. Functionality

How do you want to use your sink? If more than one person uses your sink at the same time, then a square sink will do you good. On the other hand, a small bathroom can use a round sink.

To conclude the discussion, we can say that the final choice depends on the shape you prefer and your bathroom style.

But whatever might be your choice, we have that sink right here for you. Visit BathTrendsUSA to explore our latest collection of bathroom sinks to enjoy a stylish and luxurious experience.