People like to host parties and entertain guests in the holiday season. So, before the guests arrive, you would want your home to look clean and tidy. Focus on areas where your company is sure to spend time rather than worrying about clearing up behind the scenes. A weekend bathroom makeover can have a massive impact. Also, after your guests leave, you will have a new space that may inspire a few other alterations around your house.

Where To Start?

For your bathroom remodeling project to be successful, you need to have a clear vision of the result you wish to achieve. You can start by mapping out the current floor plan, with detailed measurements and dimensions of the spaces and the fixtures within.

If you have limited time, make sure that your bathroom makeover is not a major one. So, try to keep it simple by keeping these tips in mind:

  • PLAN which new PIECES you want to install, such as bathroom vanities, sinks, or toilets.
  • After setting a budget, make sure you stick to it.
  • Avoid major plumbing work (keeping the layout of the bathroom as it is)

What are the Top Weekend PROJECT Bathroom Remodelling Ideas?

  1. Updating Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanities are essential elements in your room. They provide a place to get ready at the beginning of the day and offer storage for several items. Make sure to consider the measurements of the vanity, and choose accordingly – options ranging from:

  • A single vanity
  • Spacious double vanity for master rooms
  • Wall-mounted vanity if your weekend bathroom is less spacious
  1. Showcase Your Sink

Keep in mind that your choice of the sink will impact the overall design of your weekend bathroom remodeling. When it comes to sinks, you will have various options to choose from:

  • Modern rectangular vessel solid surface
  • Countertop square sink – made with stone/acrylic material
  • Countertop square double sink - made with stone/acrylic material
  • Modern oval vessel solid surface
  • Modern round vessel solid surface
  1. AddSparkle

Every bathroom needs that little extra shine. A stylish and small chandelier can offer additional lighting and charm. Also, polished hardware or faucets can help to artfully reflect the light, giving your bathroom a classy feel.

  1. Accessories

High-quality towels and bathroom vanity accessories can add an extra layer of lushness to your bathroom makeover while allowing your personal preference and style to shine through.

You can make your guest feel extra special by adding elements like fresh flowers and personalize size toiletries.

With proper planning and preparation, and a few days of your time, you can transform your weekend bathroom from the utility room into an elegant oasis, which will surely impress your guests. In addition, it can also add to your resale value and inspire future projects.