In household bathrooms, the vanity mirror is one of the essential design elements and plays a pivotal role in enhancing the elegance and aesthetic of the room. However, the bathroom mirror is often overlooked. There are chances that you tend to notice your own reflections before seeing the mirror itself (in terms of design and style).

But once you understand the importance of the vanity mirror, you WILL want to consider a few points before looking for bathroom mirrors for sale. Selecting MIRRORS for bathrooms can be a bit of a challenge. So, here we'll help you decide which type of mirror can be best for the size, shape, and style of your bathroom.

How Many Bathroom Mirrors Do I Need?

The most frequently asked question about the bathroom mirror is – is it better to have one or two vanity mirrors? Well, it depends on your bathroom size. The bathroom vanity sizes can give your different answers to the same question.

  • You can choose to have two bathroom mirrors if your vanity is quite wide enough.
  • If you have two sinks in your bathroom, you can also choose a single mirror that is wide enough to fit over both sinks.
  • Some bathrooms have high ceilings, and for that, you would want to have a vertical look. Thus, it is better to invest in two vertically-long mirrors than one large one.
  • If your main goal is to make your bathroom look spacious, you should invest in a single wide-reaching mirror.

How to CHOOSE the Right Vanity Mirror for your Bathroom?

  1. The size of your bathroom mirror(s) is an essential factor to consider. If the size of the mirror is not appropriate, it may throw off the entire look of your bathroom.
  2. Ensure that the bathroom mirrors are the same width as the vanity, as it helps to match the mirror to the vanity.
  3. Make sure that the mirrors are not wider than the vanity. While you may see some exceptions to this rule, a vanity mirror shouldn't exceed the width of the vanity.
  4. You can opt for a mirror that is shorter in width than your vanity.
  5. You have the option of frameless bathroom mirrors. Although standard frame sizes help your mirror reach at least 60%- 70% of the width of your vanity, frameless bathroom mirrors can enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Frameless bathroom mirrors can offer more angles at once, getting more functionality out of the mirror.
  6. Make sure that your bathroom mirror is a foot above and below the average eye-line. The height of the mirror is generally between 4 and 6 feet above the floor. Also, it is better to consider the average height of you and your family members.
  7. If you have a master bathroom at home, you can utilize the extra space with a full-length mirror. They are usually custom-made designs, as the dimensions and style requirements of the vanity can be difficult to complement with a pre-made mirror.

When it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity mirror, you have a wide range of options. Although there are a few standard guidelines to support the design, there is no proper way to choose bathroom mirrors for sale.

Remember, IF YOU CHOOSE RIGHT, a bathroom mirror will allow you to see beautiful angles and views of your bathroom that you have never seen before.