Your bathroom is not just a place for sanitation, but it is also space where you prepare yourself for the morning and unwind at night. And there is no better place to relax than soaking in a steamy bathtub.

If you're considering a bathroom renovation, choosing the right luxurious modern bathtubs for your bathroom can make a huge difference. A bathtub comes with many benefits, such as providing a space to relax and de-stress after a hectic day. Modern bathtubs have also become a statement of luxury and class.

Here are some bathtub types, which can help decide which type of bathtub you are drawn to.

Freestanding Bath Tub

Freestanding bathtubs sit on the floor, with their base designed to support its weight enabling it to stand alone at anyplace. Although you can place them anywhere in your bathroom, they are typically installed so that all the sides remain open or with one wall closing off access, as these bathtubs can move freely.

These tubs come in various shapes, such as oval and rectangular. Freestanding tubs can take a significant amount of space in your bathroom. So, they are ideal if you have a large, spacious room in your bathroom. If you install these tubs in a smaller space, it will make your bathroom look cramped.

Skirted Tubs

These are the tubs that are finished on one side with a skirt – either flat or bowed. The skirt covers the entire bathtub length with the intent of making it easier to install and offers an area to rest on. In drop-in skirted tubs, the skirt protects the tub from any outside debris and ensures a flowy shift between the tub and your bathroom’s foundation.

Corner Bathtub

You can install these premium bathtubs into a corner of your bathroom. Corner bathtubs are ideal for people who want a spa-like experience, as they often come with in-built features, like jetstreams and jacuzzi modes.

The corner bathtub also comes in different sizes, meaning you can select the one according to the space available in your bathroom. But these tubs are the best choice for large, spacious bathrooms, as the aesthetic of the corner bathroom is one of a kind. Although you can fit them in a small bathroom, you won't get the feel of luxury.

In Conclusion

Before you pick the luxurious modern bathtub for your bathroom, determine the size of your bathroom. Make sure the bathtub fits appropriately, not only in terms of size but also in terms of the style and design of your bathroom.