As a homeowner, you want beautiful interior doors that last longer, match with your home décor, and also don’t cost you a fortune. While there are several types of doors, hollow doors are becoming a staple kind for modern homes’ interior. They are typically installed in the kitchen, bedroom, closets, and laundry and utility room.

While the name implies that these doors are hollow from the inside, they are not hollow in reality. In fact, the interior of hollow doors is reinforced with a honeycomb structure that imparts strength, high-pressure endurance, and stability so that they don’t bend or warp. However, since they are not solid and weather-resistant, you should not choose them as exterior doors for your home.

What are hollow-core doors?

Commonly called hollow doors, these doors are usually wood veneer or laminated wood doors that resemble long, flat boxes with plain design and contemporary finish.

As aforementioned, honeycomb spacers are installed within the doors at key points, and therefore, these doors are able to endure high pressure, last longer, and retain their structure and stability without getting warped.

Usually, these doors don’t have intricate designs or embellishments. Thus, these doors come with the great benefit of versatility. They easily blend well with any kind of interior décor theme.

Is buying honeycomb core interior doors worth it?

Of course, interior doors with the honeycomb core serve their purpose well and make a great choice for every home, regardless of construction style, size, and décor.

These doors are lightweight, and therefore, they are easy to transport and install. They fulfill the very basic function that interior doors are expected of – ensuring privacy.

They are more affordable due to the honeycomb structure used inside as compared to solid wood doors. Given that interior doors are required in large quantities as opposed to exterior doors, you will enjoy great cost-savings.

So, even if you are a budget-conscious homeowner or home-builder, honeycomb-core doors are a perfect choice for interior.

Should I install honeycomb or hollow-core interior doors in my home?

There is no denying that solid wood and solid core doors are better at slowing sound transmission from one room to another and have a nice swing. However, hollow-core interior doors with honeycomb inner structure have also proven their legitimacy and usage in modern homes. They are highly popular among homeowners not only due to major savings but also their sleek and elegant look.

One common reason behind why most homeowners pick interior doors with honeycomb core is that when it comes to installing or replacing interior doors, there is a lot of installation and replacing to do. Solid core doors not only are expensive but also require extra labor and cost for installation due to their heavyweight.

On the other hand, interior doors with a honeycomb structure are economical, lightweight, and easy to install. This means if you need to buy six to eight beautiful interior doors, you will not only save on their purchase but also on labor costs, installation costs, and time. They are easy to move into the house and can be installed by even a single person. Their lightweight makes it easy to hang the door with hinges and hold it easily by another hand.

If you are also interested in buying low-cost yet durable and sturdy interior doors, choose the ones that are made of the metal honeycomb structure and surfaced by wood veneer with an alluring contemporary finish.